What you will learn

  • Follow the Alkaline Way

    Health is a matter of balance. Our bodies need to balance acid and
    alkaline properties in our cells: more acid cells leads to loss of cell
    resilience and increased illness. The Alkaline Way helps you choose
    foods and activities that will tip the scale toward a healthier and
    more alkaline state.

  • Substitute for Reactive Foods

    Learn about hidden allergies and how a simple blood test, called the hsLRA (high-sensitivity lymphocyte response assay), can identify items that are burdening your immune system and blocking your path to optimal health.

  • Master the Seven Key Principles

    There are seven fundamental principles behind the Alkaline Way.
    In addition to eating predominantly alkaline-forming foods,
    the Alkaline Way helps you choose high-quality, nutrient-dense
    foods that don't provoke an immune reaction in your body.

  • Balance your Mind-Body Connection

    Inertia, tension and stress are just a few of the sources of additional acid residue that deplete our bodies of essential nutrients. Try stress-busting lifestyle practices to steady the mind and fuel positive, peace-restoring, vitality-promoting results.

  • Recipes and Menus

    Enjoy a wide selection of delicious, alkaline recipes for healthier
    breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Recipes include how to
    make ghee, nut milks and healthier smoothies.

  • Detox and Cleanse

    Detoxification is a natural process to eliminate toxins from our bodies, but the toxic burden of modern life makes it critical that we actively support this process. Use the simple but powerful Alkaline Way tools to help you effectively rid your body of toxic baggage.

  • Supplement your Meals Effectively

    In addition to eating an immune-tolerant, alkaline-forming diet
    there are critical nutrients that only supplements can provide.
    Learn which five supplements provide a strong foundation
    for acid-alkaline balance.

  • Start Out Right

    A simple and inexpensive morning pH test can reveal a lot about your acid-alkaline balance and your mineral reserves. The Alkaline Way explains how to do this simple test at home to learn this critical information.
    If you're a healthcare practitioner, click here to request your free pH test kit (while supplies last).

Eighteen years ago I became a vegetarian for the love of animals. Last year I adopted these (Alkaline Way) dietary changes for the love of myself!
John Doe
A patient in TX
The Alkaline Way has increased my energy level. I never thought I could be this healthy
Jane Doe
A patient in CA
Maintaining an alkaline pH has helped me sleep better and even helped with my anxiety - helps me maintain my calm
Jimmy Doe
A patient in NJ

Take a sneak peek inside

The Alkaline Way creates balance through:

  • ●  Healthy nutrition that promotes alkalinity
  • ●  Avoidance of immune-intolerant foods
  • ●  Optimal hydration
  • ●  Targeted supplementation
  • ●  Gentle detox practices
  • ●  Low-impact exercise
  • ●  Mind-body approaches to wellness
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Healthcare Practitioners

Help your patients. Help your practice.

Incorporating the evidence-based Alkaline Way program into your practice is an easy and effective way to improve patient outcomes. Our comprehensive guide is just one of the tools available to support you, your staff and your patients.

Complete the form below to find out how The Alkaline Way can benefit your practice and get a free pH test kit* as our gift to you.

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Testing Your pH

The body routinely uses overnight rest time to excrete excess acids. Your first morning urine pH gives a good indicator of your body's mineral reserves and its acid/alkaline state.

Ideally, your first morning urine pH should be 6.5-7.5, indicating that your overall cellular pH is appropriately alkaline. See for yourself how easy it is to get this valuable information. Request a free 15-day pH test kit, our gift to you.

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A word from
Dr. Russell Jaffe

Dear Friend,

I invite you to experience The Alkaline Way to optimal health. You'll find that having a personalized plan for what to eat, drink, think and do will influence both your health and your quality of life.

Start by downloading The Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way and begin your transition away from damaging foods and harmful behaviors and toward sustainable health.

Yours in health’s journey,
Dr. Russell Jaffe
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